Two reasons to have an apple a day

Fights cancer

Cancer, the one disease that ails the human civilisation irrespective of any facts of life, eludes researchers everywhere. No one person has come up with the one conclusive way of fighting off the disease entirely. But apples help. They aren’t the answer to this problem that plagues us all, but they are a way to avoid it. Apples are rich in a compound found in plants called flavonol. It is this compound that prevents the growth of cancerous cells in our body. Scientists have been able to prove conclusively that flavonol can fight cancerous outbreaks in a number of parts in our body. Recent research in Germany has shown that the fibres from an apple ferment in our colon causing reactions that prevent cancer in the colon. Cancer researchers in the U.S.A. have found that flavonol also battles the growth of cancer in the liver, pancreas and breast.

Controls your weight

A lot of us put on excess weight because of our diets. We seldom eat healthy and our meals are full of food rich in fat and cholesterol. Our society has obesity problems because we seem to glorify the practice of eating unhealthy. The food we snack on is sometimes even worse. This is where apples can help you. Apples can make a great snack. They’re easy to get and they taste wonderful. A great way to have apples is by baking them. Apples are very high in fibre in low calories. Therefore, if you eat an apple instead of something unhealthy, not only do you feel satisfied because of the high fibre content, but you do it by consuming very few calories. Apples help you control your weight without forcing you to make any major sacrifices.

Apples are great and they have the ability to help you lead a healthy and prolonged life and their inclusion in your diet will significantly lessen your visits to the doctor.

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