The benefits of yoga

If you think yoga is just about the various poses then you are falling short of understanding the advantages of practicing yoga. Yoga isn’t just a way of exercising and keeping your body healthy, it is also a way of life. Regular yoga not only keeps your physical body strong and healthy but it also unites the body, mind and breath. It is this all-encompassing effect of yoga that makes it so popular among people today. Yoga brings about harmony between the body and mind which many experts believe is the key to leading a healthy and fulfilling life. There are a large number of benefits to practicing yoga that impact both the mind and the body.

Relieves stress

Stress, according to some, could be the downfall of mankind. There is no end to the list of diseases that are caused and aggravated by stress. Stress is also something that affects us irrespective of age and gender. A student is as likely to suffer from stress as a working adult. However, yoga is one of the best ways of relieving stress from your life. Stress causes our muscles to tense, makes our heart beat faster and our breathing pattern irregular. The detrimental effects of stress lead to high blood pressure and heart disease. Practicing yoga helps relax our muscles and regularises our breathing and heart beat which is why it such a good remedy for stress. Once the body and mind are relaxed, it is very difficult for stress to take over you.

Yoga And You

Helps with asthma and breathing

For those who suffer from bronchial asthma, yoga can be a helpful addition to taking medication. The breathing techniques in yoga can help improve the pulmonary functions of any asthma patient and reduce the threat of attacks significantly.

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