Funding Your Short Film

Movie making is known to be a creative work and creative people cannot run their mind on the business aspect of their project. Many of the creative projects are started with limited funds and most of those which are stopped in between are due to the lack of funds and improper planning at the initial stage. But a creative person is not supposed to be an executive officer. So what are the options if your movie making project has hit a snag.

Well, there are few options available which can help you in finishing your project. Here are few of the ways to fund your project-

Crowdfunding –

Yes, you heard it right. Crowdfunding, though new, is a viable way to get your movie project funded. There are platforms available which can help you fund your project. Kickstarter and Indiegogo are popular platform worldwide.

Borrow Some Money

This is the oldest way of crowdfunding and it is really faster than any other means of funds. And It still works like a charm. Your friends know your calibre and who doesn’t want to provide a helping hand to a creative person.

Take a small loan

If you are doing this as a side project other than your job then you can consider taking a pay day loan to complete your project. There are providers like for Online cash advances who can provide you funding on a short notice period. There are cases when people had their projects hanging on 90% and they had to turn to a loan provider.

Investment –

Yes, you can ask for investment in your project and there are people who invest in movie projects as many moviesĀ  have provided more han 500% returns to some of the investors. But this is the longer route as you need to prepare the presentation and show them why your project is worth investing and If you can get them interested in the project, most of the funds problem have been shifted to them instead of you thinking about it.

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