Cougar Dating – Use These Tips

Cougar is Not Your Source of Income:

Even though a cougar is successful and financially strong, but she will not tolerate if you tell her to pay the bills of your dinner. She may buy you many expensive gifts, but she will not pay your rent or help you financially. If she decides to see you again or plan an excellent date with you, it must be classy and expensive, this is why you must pay the bills and do not take out a coupon as this will annoy her. Just finding a good site rencontre cougar and enjoying cannot be your goal.


Madonna - Cougar


Cougars Love Interesting Men:

Cougars are independent, intelligent, worldly and wise. You have to carry the conversation and do something new. Older women love to do things that they never did when they were young. Playing mini golf, pool at the billiard and going to a concert are some activities that may interest your date. A lot of site rencontre cougar provide all off these information. If you are talking about something new, make sure you read that in the newspaper and know what you are talking. If you do not know or have little knowledge about an issue, it may turn down her interest and she may throw you out of her life.

Be a Man:

Dating a cougar is not so easy; you need to hold the interest of her. Be a man and not a boy and treat her like a queen. Be attentive to her talks, reply her with sincerity, and do not treat her like a commodity. Cougars hate men who are insecure and calls, texts or email her continuously. It is crucial to know that initially a cougar’s world is not evolving around the relationship. This is why, at first you should maintain a distance and create an aura of mystery around you as women love challenges, they will come after you and you will get your reward very soon.

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The Latest Rage – Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird: The Game

Flappy Bird is a simple 2D side-scrolling game in which the objective is to keep the bird floating by avoiding the pipes as you move forward. By tapping on the screen, one can keep the bird in the air, the more you will avoid the pipes the highest will be the score. It is not as simple as sound, the bird will go down as quickly as a brick falling from the air, this is why navigating in this game is quite tough, and you will have to go through many pipes. The gameplay is very addictive, especially when your score is similar to your friends. You cannot stop playing it even if you want. As it is a free game, there are ads in the game, but there are no ads where you are playing, it is in the menus.


Flappy Bird is a creative masterpiece. It has an 8-bit look, which is popular nowadays. The graphics look fresh, clean, and consistent this means no loading breaks. One can immediately restart the game without any difficulty.

Sound and Music:

The sound is minimal and has no music but only the sound of bird’s flapping wings. Other sounds are made when you successfully pass a set of pipes and when you hit something. One thing that annoys a gamer is that the sound cannot be turned off; there is no option for it. This means that you cannot play this game while listening to music because you hear the sound of whack over it.

The Game is Free:

It is important to note that this game is 100% free, though one can think it is unimportant to say, but today as many games push you to buy a full version of the game after the trial. Flappy Bird needs no money to offer its full version.

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